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Impostor ZombRush - Very fun arcade game with characters from Among Us. The objective of the game is to control a minifigure mimicking to get him effectively between the squares of each level and arrive at the objective. Appreciating this pleasant game shows that you are nimble and responsive with this easygoing experience game. The little characters among us go on an experience in a cubic universe loaded up with stages that you need to hop over and evade to endure! Be mindful so as not to get you since everybody needs your place and disposes of you when they get you, in a hurry. Stay away from all snares and deterrents, simultaneously, you likewise need to gather gold coins. These gold coins are vital to us. So attempt to gather a great deal of coins, it will assist you with opening different characters that you can play. Make some great memories with this new game!


The objective of the game is to control the little character Impostor to lead him correctly between the blocks of each level and reach the goal. 

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